Miss Carole's award-winning recordings can be purchased as cd's or downloads. CD's come with all the lyrics and usage instructions in the liner notes. Downloads come with a pdf of the same information.

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YouTube: Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole has 10 video episodes, a single and the series "Summer Shorts!"
Lots of ideas for teachers, librarians - and fun for kids to sing and do along with Miss Carole!

BLOGS: 60 of Miss Carole's blogs are archived at PreKandKSharing.
Miss Carole can come to your school, library, church or park district gathering virtually! Classroom Zoom-ins and Virtual Concerts with Clarence Goodman are a music & movement blast! Email for availability and quote. Check it out on the Concerts page, too!

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Carole Stephens has been the Pied Piper of children's music in Chicago since 1989. Her concerts have everyone singing, jumping and wiggling...and smiling til it hurts! Her clean sound and slower tempos, easily understood by even the smallest child, encourages everyone to sing along and dance along. Children ask for her music over and over because they love the music, pretend, and silly fun it provides.

"Miss Carole" speaks directly to the kids - and we hear the kids talk back to her! The School Library Journal writes about "Sticky Bubble Gum": "The Beaver Call will have listeners in stitches...mine this production for many good ideas and fun activities, especially since the liner notes give suggestions for props to use with some of the songs. Parents will find it a treasure for using at home with their preschoolers."

Carole's extensive study of current brain research shows in the educational values reflected in her music. She includes color identification, music fundamentals and motor skill development - and you just think you're singing and dancing. Writes a pre-school teacher, "You really know what a toddler thinks - and pre-schoolers, too! Heck - I drive the Kindergarten carpool, and I looked in my rear vision mirror and the 4 boys in the back were doing all the motions, singing along and laughing their heads off in the back of my van."



"Macaroni Soup!" has arrived!

Hello, Hello! Let’s warm-up our voices and bodies. Then sing, dance and LEARN with Miss Carole! This collection has everything musical for children 8 and younger – great steady beat work for early and pre-readers, dances for pattern and sequence practice, and songs for use with manipulatives. Clear vocals include most of the simple directions to engage children from the get-go. Additional notes on how to use songs included on the liner notes.

Parents, teachers, librarians – anyone who works with young children – will find a treasure trove of great music and movement ideas. Two songs for use with a Stretchy Band (“Wheels on the Bus” and “Stretchy Band Fun”), “Snowball, Snowball” for passing skills, and grab scarves for “Windy Weather”. Two delightful chants in Spanish: “Baté Baté Chocolate” and “Opuestos/Opposites”. Bring on the belly laughs in “Now’s the Time to Go to Sleep” - Waaaah! Grab a friend for “Jump & Twirl, Partner!”

If you’ve tried “Sticky Bubble Gum”, “Stinky Cake” – or any of Miss Carole’s other 9 recordings – you know you can’t go wrong! Need a teacher gift? Take “Macaroni Soup!” to a birthday party! Make YOUR car the Happy Car! Is your library Story Time the hip place to be?


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 Miss Carole’s 9th recording is another invitation to sing, dance and DO!  “WELCOME” is packed with 29 songs and movement opportunities with some cool-down poems mixed in.  Get out your sticks or bells, pass a “pumpkin” ball or go for a ride in the car while observing the traffic lights!  Listen and DO!

You’ll find FOUR new songs to use with a Stretchy Band from Bear Paw Creek!  Let’s go “Up and Down”, “Around and Around and STOP”, make “JAWS” or “Row Row Row Your Boat!

Dances?  YES!  “Pumpkin, Pumpkin Round and Fat” is a wonderful mixer for children 4 and up.  The directions are in the liner notes.  “Let Us Chase the Squirrel” partners pairs of children as trees with squirrel children scampering from tree to tree as the song dictates.   

We’re Going for a Walk” gives a nod to some of Miss Carole’s fan favorites. The Bear Hunt style song brings back “Sticky Bubble Gum”, “Stinky Cake” and “The Wishy Washy Washerwoman” with a classic call-response narrative and thigh-tapping steady beat.

Learn some Spanish vocabulary in “Mi Cuerpo!”  Get a workout doing “Bumpin’ Up’n’Down” and the hysterical “One Little Bunny Hoppin’ on the Floor”.  You’ll need a “Catnap” after this one!

Why do Miss Carole’s recordings consistently appear in the Top Sellers of children’s musical recordings? It could be the clear lyrics and developmentally appropriate subjects for early childhood learners.  It might be the top-notch band and wide range of musical styles.  It must be the adorable Macaroni Soup Singers whose enthusiastic singing will make you grin! 

A teacher said, “It’s like Carole knows how children think!” 

A librarian said, “You can’t go wrong with anything Miss Carole produces – kids and parents love her!  She’s SNEAKILY educational!”

Kids say, “AGAIN, please!”

In the car or in the classroom – there’s a whole lot of musical fun on “WELCOME!”


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Polka Dots

  • Winner, Gold 2015 Mom's Choice Award
  • Winner, Gold 2015 Parents' Choice Award

"An expertly conceived album of songs and rhymes for at home playtime, preschoolers and playgroups, set up for learn-along, play-along interaction between children and parents (or teachers), who guide participation. Polished instrumentation, appealing child voices and music educator Carole Stephens' uncloying approach put the emphasis on bouncy fun as "Miss Carole" covers age-appropriate educational ground."
Parents' Choice Awards

Sing! Dance! Learn! Miss Carole's 8th recording fires up the brains and bodies of kids and their grown-ups! From "High 5's Should Not Hurt!" with it's bluesy feel to the calypso beat of "Rainbow 'Round Me" you won't stop smiling - and singing along!


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Season Sings

Children will sing and dance along immediately with great songs in a wide variety of musical styles! Learning through music and movement is fun! Parents, teachers and kids will enjoy singing through all four seasons!

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: 30 sing-along, do-along songs from Miss Carole! From "Hat & Jacket, Pants & Boots" to "Jump in the Puddles", you'll find songs Early Childhood teachers, parents, librarians and kids will love. Make a flannelboard for Spring "Flowers", or put a scarf over your head and become one of the "10 Little Goblins!" It's all fun and developmentally appropriate.


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Are YOU full of BALONEY? No, not the lunchmeat – do you like to have fun while playfully singing, moving and learning? TA DA! You're in the right place. Miss Carole's collection of highly participatory songs and dances will delight children from 1 - 8 years old (and even older "cool" kids if they're caught up in it!) Don't worry about your voice, your moves or your age – just jump in!

Can you say Wishy Washy Washerwoman? Do you know what gets thrown out the window in your favorite Mother Goose Rhymes? Can you say "hello" in 5 different languages? You will after listening to this incredibly kid-friendly, mom-tested music. New takes on old standards plus songs just waiting to be your new favorites!


Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet

  • iParenting Media Award Winner - "HOT Product"
    Reviewers wrote: "WOW! This product could not have been any better for teaching my children to dance! It enhanced their listening skills and taught them to follow directions. I love this CD!"

Calling all Twinkle Toes AND Stumble Bunnies! Grab a kid and let's dance! Carole Stephens' cd's have been favorites of children, parents, librarians and teachers for years. Is it her engaging style, clear lyrics and developmentally appropriate movements that bring those rave reviews?
YES – as well as the smile in her voice and choice of songs children will love on first hearing.

Miss Carole delivers four styles of dancing here: dancing as an individual in a group, circle dancing, partner dancing, and dancing with props and manipulatives. With all the lyrics in the accompanying folder, plus instructions on the various dance formations, you'll be kicking up your heels with 2 - 7 year olds in no time!

Stinky Cake

Stinky Cake

  • 2005 Children's Music Web Award – Best Recording for Pre-Schoolers
  • 2005 I-Parenting Media Award – "HOT" Product
    for Kids!

Play it again! That's what children are saying about Carole Stephens' Stinky Cake! Rock with "Shine Shine Shine", dance with "Everybody Clap Your Hands", and sing along with EVERY song! This cd has wonderful educational value - teachers and parents love Miss Carole's recordings because the lyrics are clear, the directions are easy to follow, and you'll feel like she's right there doing it with you! "I Like My Hat" encourages children to listen AND do. There are terrific movement songs: "The Little Fish" has everyone swimming, Monkey See, Monkey Do will have you swinging, and "The Penguin Song" turns you into hysterical ockhoppers! 

Listen, then do the Instrument I.D. at the end - Miss Carole identifies each instrument that you hear in the recording, then you hear it by itself, then listen again, finding which instrument plays in which songs! Teachers and parents will love this feature!


Tiny Tunes

  • 2005 Parents' Choice Award Winner!
  • NAPPA Honors Award 2005
  • Children's Music Web Award - Best recording for Toddlers - 3 Year Olds

Miss Carole has been called a kid-magnet because her music draws kids to their feet - and they sing, dance and DO, from the first time they hear it. "Tiny Tunes" has super songs for movement activities: "Walking Shoes" with a full Dixieland Band, "Looby Loo" is slow enough for even 1 year olds to do, and just watch your little butterfly take off in "Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar/Butterfly". Featured in PARENTING Magazine, June '05.

John Wood of says: "Carole Stephens talks directly to the audience in a leisurely manner much as Fred Rogers did so splendidly. She never condescends but mark this, you will be up and moving from the get-go! I'm packing this CD when I check into the home because even I can follow along."


H.U.M. - All Year Long

Miss Carole's infectious enthusiasm makes kids and grown-ups sing, dance and do along with her as she sings through the whole year: 2 songs for each month plus a sweet Hello and Goodbye Rap. A must-have CD for kids and those who care for them.


Sticky Bubble Gum

Sing it. Dance it. Do it. This best selling recording isn't just for listening. Active music that will have kids asking for it again and again... developmentally appropriate, engaging songs for children 2-7 years old. Miss Carole's a hoot.

Writes Maureen Gallagher of Sidney, NY: "I am not sure where we had gotten the first CD, but we use "Sticky Bubble Gum" every day and we wore it out, so I went online and bought another!"