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I just want to drop you a note to say thank you for a wonderful performance yesterday! It was great to see our chldren so engaged! While I was sittting and enjoying your music yesterday, I thought to myself "They really get it!" I could really tell that you put a lot of thought into your performance – with the way that you presented your songs at a pace that allowed our children to have time to process, giving the children opportunities to move around when they had been sitting for awhile, and the repetitive lyrics. PERFECT! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I hope that we will be able to have you visit our school again! You put a song in our hearts!
  – Sheryl Martell, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, deLacey Family Education Center

I recently joined the Children's Music Network and stumbled upon your web address. I instantly went for a visit and wow, am I impressed!
I work in a public school setting as a Literacy Enrichment Teacher, teaching phonemic awareness, and the kindergarten curriculum in general through music and movement. Your website is now logged in my bookmarks and I plan to make many visits to it.
I love the songs. I just learned "There's a Little Wheel a-Turning" and plan to share it with the kids on Monday. I checked out some other songs and I like you're approach, simple, uncluttered and pure. That is an appropriate arrangement for young kids. I've heard too many kids artists adding countless layers to their music and it's my experience that all of this is too overwhelming.
Thanks again for all of the resources. - Chris Pedersen

" Your Sticky Bubble Gum CD is awesome! I borrowed it from my library and it has been a favorite of my 14 month old daughter and the children in my family day care. My daughter says "bubble" and points to the cd player many times a day, wanting to hear it again and again. She can even follow along to some of the songs and movements. My favorite is when she makes a blowing sound to blow her own bubble! As an early childhood educator, I find your music wonderful, too! It has given me great ideas to expand on music I do with the kids at circle time. Now I'm going to check out some of your other CD's. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!" 
  – Dawn Cunningham, Reading, MA

" My (High School) students and I so enjoyed your music and expertise!...My 5 year old daughter and I listened to "Stinky Cake" at least 15 times over the weekend. She kept singing the songs even after the CD was over. My 8 year old covered his ears and said "will you please turn that off!" We told him he was outnumbered. A bit later he was singing and doing the actions in the car! You should have seen his version of turning around while buckled in a seatbelt. And this is the coolest: when the kids at the end were saying their names and ages, all of a sudden I heard, '...and I'm Nicholas and I'm 8!' I just love it! We're hoping to bring you back to Pontiac for a workshop/concert."
  – Jolene Paquette, Childcare Instructor/Livingston Area Vocational Center

"We had a great time at Family Sing Friday night, and since then we have been enjoying your music via the CDs. Thanks to you and Alvin for the fun and the warm welcome you gave us in Chicago. We hope to come back for another visit, we'll check your website for opportunities to see you again. Please let us know if you're performing in the Boston area!" 
  – Warmest Regards, Linda, Dave, Annabelle and Lucy Katrina

"You did a wonderful inservice for us a few years ago - Lakeland's Little Learners? We purchased several cd's and our kids have all just loved them! Maybe you guys could come here and play for all our kids? Please let us know if that's possible. Thanks!" 
  – Tami Adams - Director 

NOTE: We had a wonderful time at LLL in Elkhorn, WI. Anyone else need an "in-house field trip?" Carole

" I am a big fan! I have your cd's and have been to 2 of your trainings.. I use your music and ideas all the time, I simply love all of them and so do the kids I work with. Monthly I check your website for the Song of the Month. I am an independent provider (0-3 program, developmental therapy). Thank you so much for your wonderful works! I've told so many people about you!" 
  – Julie McCamish

" . . . Your workshop and cd's are the best single source of material that I've encountered. It's great stuff . . . and what distinguishes your work is its practicality . . . it's right there for anyone to use. It's SO fun for kids and practical for teachers. I've recommended your cd's to many of the teachers in the preschool/kindergarten classrooms where I work. " 
  – Steve Blunt, Children's Musician, Nashua, NH

" Just wanted to thank you for coming to the Wauconda Library . . . that was the second time we were able to enjoy your music and talents!  We are enjoying the CD's so much.  The music really makes trips in the car more enjoyable – even if we are just going to the store!  We will keep checking to see when you will be back in the area.  Here's a picture of you and Alvin with Connor. "   (from the Halloween Concert)    Your friends and fans, The DeBoer Four 
  – Bonnie, Curt, Austin and Connor

" I am not sure where we had gotten the first cd, but we use "Sticky Bubble Gum" every day and we wore it out, so I went online and bought another!"
  – Maureen Gallagher, Sydney, NY

" Carole Stephens was wonderful. "
" The amount of usable information and resources, participation and active, new ideas linked to standards/development were the best features. "
" How about a 2-day info and working session?  This was one of the best I've been to – and I have been to a LOT of primary conferences! "
  – From StarNet "H.U.M." workshop participants in Effingham, IL

" In my 22 years of attending workshops and looking through music and catalogs, I have never found so many good songs in one place as on your 2 CD's.  My presentation of music is very similar to yours, and I find it especially exciting to add some great songs to the mix!  A friend of mine gave both your CD's as a baby gift – then she ordered more for her friends! When will your next CD be for sale? "
  – Nancy Davis, St. David's Nursery School, Glenview, IL

" Thanks to you and Alvin for entertaining our families last week.  It was terrific!  One mom wrote the "it was the best time my son and I ever had together at school." 
  – Kathy Kuester, School District 146

" I was at the WECA conference last weekend.  I enjoyed your (H.U.M.) session very much.  I came out highly enthused and motivated.  I also re-created my 15-minute music time.  I feel by re-doing this, my music time has been going a lot smoother, and a lot more fun.  Thank you very much for taking your time and spreading the enthusiasm. "
  – Francee Jakobi, Parent Child Center, LaCrosse, WI

"Just a quick thanks - wow what a show!!! My 4-year old and I went to the dundee library yesterday- she was feeling a little reserved. By the end, she was throwing the snowballs with glee. Thanks for a great program. By the way...what are the vitamins you are taking? Your energy and enthusiasm are incredible!"
  – Maria Crawford

" Lots to take back to the classroom.  Fun fun fun! "
" Most terrific and exciting workshop.  Wonderful involvement ideas! "
" This gal is great!  I ALWAYS learn something!  I wanted MORE! "
" Responsive to questions, great resources, an inspirational presenter! "
  – from the Dupage AEYC Fall 2004 Conference, "Gotta Dance!" workshop

" Dear Miss Carole, I just wish you could play your cd's here with me.  I want you to live with me and stay all the time. "
  – Love, Rylie, age 4

" Me and my dad just listened to your CD.  We thought it was great!!  I'm going to listen to it a lot.  I especially like the Sleeping Bag Chant, and every time I want somebody to hear it,  I start with Yankee Doodle. "
  – Jessie Kuzmicki, age 7, Vermont      PS: I like Goofy Old Macdonald.      You're pretty funny!

" Carole was excellent.  She involved all of us teachers to get up and move about and sing. Great handout and ideas! " " I liked this because I can teach my child the way she showed me.  This is good. " " I learned a lot about toddlers!  I loved her humor! "
  – from GO-AEYC Fall 2004 Conference, "H.U.M. for Toddlers" workshop:

" I was at your workshop in Princeton, IL last week – it was wonderful . . . really an approach to music that I can use in my classroom!  Thank you!  I've already taught 2 of the songs to the kids, and put out the word to parents to collect bottles for your shakers and baby wipes boxes for drums!  This is so exciting!  Thank you so much! "
  – Claire Ford, Pekin, IL

" . . . I wanted to relay a story of how we all were around the breakfast table one morning, when Lauren started singing.  It took us a minute to figure out what she was saying, but when I asked her 'are you singing Sticky Bubble Gum?' her face lit up!  I know you touched her heart . . . and musical side. "
  – Kathy Cameranesi, IL

" Our joy at hearing our 3-year old granddaughter perform ALL the songs on your "Bubble Gum" CD last Sunday was equal only to her joy in performing them for us.  It was a hoot!  Un-stick! "
  – Aimee Huntsha, IL

" Thank you very much for participating in the Fall Arts Festival!  The children AND THE ADULTS truly enjoyed your music.  We received a lot of compliments on your performance and your ability to draw the crowd in.  You both did a tremendous job making another event a huge success. "   – Elaine and Alyssa, Brickton Art Center, Park Ridge, IL

" Dear Miss Carole – My mom was writing thank you notes from my birthday party and I said, "Don't forget to write a note to Miss Carole!"  You really made my 3rd birthday party special.  All my friends loved you.  Mr. O'Neil said my mommy set a new standard in the neighborhood.  :-) "
  – Maggie Barton, age 3

" My sister gave my 2.5-yr-old son your Bubble Gum CD.  I just wanted to tell you he loves it!!!  He was never a good little person in the car.  However, that has changed.  As soon as we get in the car he says "bubblegum".  He is singing and happy all the way to grandma's house.  You have really connected with my son and made car rides so much better for the whole family.  Thank you.  Thank you. "
  – Andrea Johnson

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