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"Best workshop in the 16 years I've been coming to this conference!"

 – Chicago Metro AEYC Conference attendee

"Carole Stephens is a FANTASTIC presenter! The information that she shares is very user friendly. She has many practical ideas that teachers can use in their classrooms immediately! The props that she uses are mostly free or cheap, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to implement the ideas you learn. Participants will leave the workshop knowing how and WHY they need to use music in their classrooms. In addition, conference planning committees will find Carole pleasant and easy to work with! She's a joy all around!"

 – Denise Henry, ISBE STARnet, Region IV

"Bring her back!" "WOW!" Best part of presentation? "Carole's enthusiasm, hands-on participation, handouts, CAROLE!"

 – Concordia University ECE Conference attendees

"I just wanted to share that I came back from the conference with your two cds and immediately began a 2 times per week 15-minute music session. My students (mostly preschoolers with autism and other high need difficulties) are so excited they now ask to sing the songs we have tried out. Music is the only time I can engage all 10 students without the help of the 2 assistants in my room. This has truely been a blessing for my class and I will be sharing their success with your program with the other preschool teachers in my district."

 – Kathy Roustio, Mt Vernon Starnet full-day inservice

What makes my workshops different?

Three things:

Workshops are VERY participatory – we learn best by doing. I teach with enthusiasm – and participants learn with enthusiasm, just as their students do! My "10 Terriffic Techniques for Teaching Music" help keep a class organized not only at music time, but ALL the time! Creating a dedicated music time takes a little practice, but with the 7categories to choose from, it's fill in the blanks and go! From the basic "H.U.M. – Highly Usable Music!" seminar to the target-audience "Tiny Tunes " and "Gotta Dance", participants return to their preschool/daycare/special services energized.

Workshops can be customized for 60, 75, 90 or 120 minute formats. Extended 1/2-Day (3 hours) and Full-day (6-hours) seminars are wonderful opportunities to learn, practice and share music for young children.

DSL – Dance! Sing! Learn! The High-Speed Connection Between Music and Literacy!  – NEW KEYNOTE!

Discover how music and movement enhance learning across the curriculum. Brain research shows the high-speed connection between active participation in music and literacy, social skills and physical coordination. Miss Carole makes music accessible for ALL abilities. For both pre-school and Kindergarten classroom teachers, aides, and anyone who works with young children.

H.U.M. – Highly Usable Music!

Bye bye Eency Weency! Hello HUMbug! All children need daily musical activities for brain and motor skill development. Music is the one art we are born with, but lose if we don't use it! Constructing a dedicated music time for kids is easy! Miss Carole will show you not only HOW to put it together, with classroom management techniques to make highly active music fun and safe, but WHY kids need music for brain and motor development. You'll come away with songs and activities you can use on Monday – and the kids will love it! Come prepared to move. Musically challenged and gifted are welcome. This is a HUMdinger!

Tiny Tunes

Highly Usable Music for kids 1 – 3 years old! Lap songs, finger plays and movement activities to stimulate children's developing neural pathways. Miss Carole has easy-to-remember music, but you'll learn more than "some new songs!" Learn HOW and WHY songs work, so that you can make what you already know work even better! Toddlers can dance; they can shake – get the giggles going with fun music you can use tomorrow! Many songs from Miss Carole's award-winning CD, "Tiny Tunes" will be demonstrated. A Very Useful Handout, too!

Do Re Mi to A-B-C: The Direct Connection Between Music and Literacy  – NEW KEYNOTE!

Many pre-reading skills happen naturally when children participate in music. Pattern, rhyme, rhythm, sequencing, crossing the midline, vocabulary and motor coordination – for starters! Music can be an equalizer for children of many abilities and capabilities. Miss Carole's Keynotes are unusually active, even if there are 2000 participants. "I've never been in a Keynote speech where I learned so much practical stuff – and the theory behind why it works so well." WECA 2005 conferee


Make rainbows with scarves. Tap a ryhthm. Stomp A beat. Chant a fingerplay. Sing, and the mind, body and voice work together effortlessly. You don't have to be "musical" to make this magic happen in your classroom. Get re-energized about working with your students while you laugh, sing, dance and clap with Miss Carole.

H.U.M. – All Year Long!

Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring – Let's sing! Here are Highly Usable Music and movement activities you can use all year long with children 3 – 6 years old. Kids learn best by doing, and you will, too! New ideas for felt boards, fingerplays, instruments and manipulatives to help kids with all styles of learning connect and enjoy music time. This isn't brain surgery – it's fun and easy! Not necessary but available – my cd, "H.U.M.* – All Year Long!"

H.U.M. for Winter: Snow Songs, Snowballs, and Snowfolk!

How do you have a snowball fight INSIDE the classroom? Can really cool snowflakes fall from overhead? Can YOU be a melting snowman? Learn how to make these activities work when the cold winds blow and you're stuck with kids that need to move! Miss Carole's classroom management techniques make movement fun and safe. Make your winter classroom sizzle. Whoosh! Gotcha!

H.U.M. for Fall

Start the school year off with Highly Usable music about leaves, apples, pumpkins and turkeys! Dances, fingerplays, feltboard songs and instruments that are inexpensive to make but great to use! Re-energize your repertoire with Miss Carole's easy-to-learn music and movement activities – you'll be HUMming all the way home!

Sing Through Spring!

Bunnies are hopping, seeds are popping, it's Spring! Come ready to move: we'll be ducks, rain, ducks in rain, seeds, flowers – what color are your petals? Learn simple dances, fingerplays, feltboard songs and how to make an instrument. We'll talk about classroom management techniques that really make a difference. Hippetty Hoppitty, it's Spring!

Gotta Dance!

Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners – organized dancing for all of them! We'll learn individual, partner, circle and props dances, using recorded music and acapella singing. Even a two-year old can follow a simple sequence, and it's great practice for pre-literacy skills such as pattern, rhythm, and memory. Stumble-Bunnies and Twinkle-Toes are welcome! Come prepared to move!

Miss Carole: Plugged In and Turned On!

Yes, how many times has Miss Carole said in workshops, "TURN OFF THE BOOMBOX and SING!" Yet here she is, doing a whole workshop with the best recorded music she's found! From Hap and Ella to Leto and Berkner – and lots in between – get ideas for music and movement activities you can buy or borrow, and do tomorrow!