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Every month the song/dance/activity will change. Many of the songs will be from my Recordings. Please print the page and do the activity with your child. Teachers may print the page to use with their classes. If you have questions, Contact Me.

October 2007

The Wind

by Michele Valeri © 1990

Listen to the whole song on Stinky Cake or hear it here:

In this month of spooky sounds, isn't it nice to know that most of the time it's something as innocent as "The Wind"? It's good to talk about what "scary" sounds we hear can be – and that it's ok to be afraid of things. My students snuggle up to me or a co-teacher if they get scared (though sometimes it's not fear, it's need of a hug!) Be sure everyone understands PRETEND, and that the ghost, snake and spider aren't real. Have students or a teacher act out those creatures – it usually is quite comical! EVERYONE can be THE WIND!


It's the wind, it's only the wind
Whistling through the treeeees
It's the wind, it's only the wind
That's what it sounds like, to me.

Verse 1

Sounds like a ghost slipping in through the door
Sliding along on my living room floor
Sitting right down on my sofa
Sipping soda – on my sofa!
Do you think that ghost would hurt me?
Quick everyone, do the wind and blow the ghost back to her seat!

Verse 2 Sounds like a snake in the bathtub, to me
Soaping up under my shower for free
Sitting curled up in my sink
Yes, I think there's a snake in my sink!
Do you think that snake would hurt me?
Quick everyone, do the wind and blow the snake back to her seat!
Verse 3 Sounds like a spider, as big as two chairs
Watch out! Watch out! He's coming up stairs!
Standing outside my door wearing sneakers!
Yes, he's out there, wearing 4 pair of sneakers!
Do you think that spider would hurt me?
Quick everyone, do the wind and blow the spider back to his seat!

All the children wave their hands in the air and blow to be the wind. Choose a child to be a ghost, another to be a snake, and 2 children, one in front of the other, to be the spider (all 8 legs moving!) Each time the creature gets "blown" back to their seat on the floor! OR, have adults act this out the first time – children love to see adults pretend and be silly – it releases them to do the same!

Age Range: older 3's through 7's

Purpose: pretend play, social interaction, talking about fear in non-threatening/comical ways

Other Windy Songs from Miss Carole: "The Windy Day" – a movement chant – and "Black Bat Farm", both on "H.U.M. – Highly Usable Music".

Extension Activities:

ART: This is for 4 – 7 year olds: put a blob of paint on art paper. Give the child a straw with the instruction to blow the paint in different directions until it won't go anymore. It makes a spider-web effect and can be quite pretty. Older children could use additional color blobs to interconnect with the original. Need to check it out? Go to these instructions.

MOVEMENT: Make 12 (or more) of each color Fall leaves (laminate if you like) – red, yellow, orange, brown. Put a different color of leaf on each of 4 brown grocery store bags. Place the bags in different parts of your movement space. Put on some windy music, or "Autumn Leaves", or have the children blow like the wind while you scatter the leaves around the room. On your cue, the children pick up the leaves and put them in the bag with the matching color leaf on the outside. When they are all picked up, dump each bag out and see if the leaves are sorted correctly by color! WHOOSH!

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